Virgin Diaries Series GOT A NEW LOOK!

J. L. Davis 

Virgin Diaries Series 

Broken Heart: Virgin Diaries Book One
Fractured Heart: Virgin Diaries Book Two
Mended Heart: Virgin Diaries Book Three

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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Growing up without parents, Julie always felt a part of herself was missing. Always known as the quiet one with her head always in a book, she preferred it that way.

When her friends decided to finally get her out of her comfort zone, they take her to the one place she wouldn’t be caught dead in. A strip club.

With her face as red as the strobe lights on stage, Julie manages to find herself making a connection with Mateo the hottest stripper there.

Mateo by night, better known as Dr. Luke by day, a well respected physician, sees something in Julie no one else can. He’s determined to get Julie to open up and let him in.

After all… everybody needs somebody…right?

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After two years away, Julie finally returns home when she is offered a job opportunity she can’t refuse.

With the chance at a new beginning, her goal is to work hard and rise to the top in her new company.

As she settles into her new home, Julie unexpectedly finds herself involved with not one, but two of her landscapers.

Secrets unravel and truths are revealed that could ruin the relationship with the ONE Julie is falling in love with.

Will she do the right thing before everything falls apart?

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For as long as she can remember, Julie’s life has been full of heartache. Why should now be any different?

During a celebration with everyone she loves, a revelation comes to light, shocking Julie to her core.

Now, she is faced with emotions and decisions that could strengthen not only her as a person, but her relationship with the one she loves.

After everything she has been through, will Julie finally get her happily ever after?

I started reading when the fifty shades phenomenon happened a few years ago. I have read hundreds of books since then and a story playing around in my head for quite a while. I finally got it out and published and I'm so proud of my first baby. It has many flaws, but it was my first. I’ve written four since and with each one I’ve grown. I’m more proud and in love with the characters and their stories. There will be many more to come. I love writing!