Breaking Free: A Book Of Poems

Title: Breaking Free: A Book Of Poems 
Author: Katlyn DeRouen 
Genre: Poetry 

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I have said many words
Many apologies 
I have spent many nights 
Grieving over who I am
In accordance to the rest of the world
I am no longer saying sorry
For the beautiful chaos 
That is my mind. 

BREAKING FREE is a collection of poems written from the personal experiences of the author involving serious issues, and the amount of strength it takes to overcome them. After two years of trauma, crying, and watching as her heart struggled to put the pieces back together, she finally put the pen to paper and let her thoughts be released into the world. No longer using a character to express her emotions, she sheds the skin of her past and breaks forward into her future. She hopes this helps you, too.

Katlyn DeRouen was born and raised in Louisiana. With her head in the clouds, or face down on the pavement (she's clumsy, she apologizes), you can bet the plotline of a book was always the cause. With a pen as her mighty sword, she began writing at the mere age of twelve with the hopes of inspiring others, and finally letting the voices inside her head have a home. When not writing, you can find her bingewatching Netflix, laughing so hard until she snorts at a joke that probably wasn't even that funny as she spends time with friends, or eating chicken nuggets. She is currently attending college and is hard at work on her next novel. For inquiries of any kind, please email her at

Instagram: @authorkatlynderouen