The Strong Within Us by J.A.Boulet

A struggle. A war. The past. Would you recover?

Nathan Olason picks up the pieces of his life in 1893 and becomes a devoted father and grandfather. Except something from his past is holding him back.

His grandson, Mike grows up in a loving family with Nath almost raising him as his own. Mike develops a passion for hunting and guns, while his family supports him with trepid hearts as WWI looms.

Nath feels helpless to stop this dangerous chain of events, as Mike announces that he is joining the Great War. Armed and deadly, Mike hones his marksmanship skills to a perfection not seen in any other soldier. He is taken on a wild ride of following his passions, courage and gruesome fighting, arriving at Vimy Ridge, France for the fight of his life.

Nath fearing the worst, flees to a place that he thought was his salvation; an old weathered cottage that holds the key to his future.

Follow in the footsteps of heroes.

Be vulnerable.

Would you recover?


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Author Interview:

When did you decide to become a writer?

Firstly, good morning and thank you for having me on your blog. This is a complicated question for me because I don’t have a definite answer. I never decided to become a writer. Ever since my earliest recollection at five years old, I have been writing, whether it was poetry, songs, professional letters, articles, blogs, professional manuals or full-length fiction novels, I never once decided that this was my vocation. Someone else decided this for me or my DNA, I honestly have no idea, lol.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?

I spent the majority of my life in the finance industry and now that my kids are a bit older, I am trying to establish a full-time career in historical fiction writing. I would sincerely feel blessed if I can fulfill my passion in life and reach so many more readers with my stories of hope and perseverance.

Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?

Nathan Olason is a very strong character. His strength is evident in his values, morals and resilience as well as his physical potency. He is a leader among his people. The Strong Within Us also shows the depths of his weaknesses, insecurities, needs and his true emotions; something that men often hide for fear of appearing weak.

Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured?

I write during the evenings and sometimes very late, past midnight. Although, curiously enough, I can only edit or write blogs during the daytime 9-5. I believe it has something with my ability to tap into the realm of imagination. At night when everything is dark and quiet, my characters come alive.

Where do the ideas come from?

The original peak of interest and ideas usually come from museums. I love museums. The wealth of history and family sagas are evident in museums. Once the story starts forming in my mind, my imagination and characters run with it.

Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?

I do both. I write out a two-page outline, hammer the dates in and start writing. Most often my characters jump into life and start making decisions on their own. Sometimes I will control my characters and stick to the plot, but other times I allow the characters to have more freedom.

Any tips on how to get through the dreaded writer’s block?

Keep writing. Don’t take month-long breaks. If you are between novels, then write poetry or blogs, anything, just don’t stop. Also, music works wonders for me. I listen to a wide variety of music and often come up with ideas for my book while driving! 

What can we expect from you down the line?

The Olason Chronicles is a series of three or four books. I am currently starting Book Three. If the story can span to a Book Four, I will write that as well.

After The Olason Chronicles, I have a wonderful story brewing in my head about the loyalists in 1812 as well as the underground slave tunnel from the USA to Canada. This will also be a series. 

I’m here to stay, lol. Writing is my passion in life. It is a genuine magnetism for me. I need to get my words on a page. Hopefully, my readers will stick with me and love me for that!


J. A. Boulet is the passionate author of The Olason Chronicles, a historical saga of war, courage, love and strength. The Strong Within Us Book 2 was released on Amazon November 11, 2020. J. A. Boulet was born and raised in Western Canada as a first generation Canadian from European descent. Her father was enlisted with the Hungarian military and fought bravely during the Hungarian Revolution, changing sides to stand up for what he believed in. He was granted asylum in Canada and built his family here. 


J. A. Boulet was born many years later, raised with strong morals and values, which she stands behind to this day. She started writing poetry at the age of five and progressed to short stories and novels. She has a keen interest in settlers, healing, family bonds and military history. J. A. Boulet writes with a spine-tingling realism like none other, grabbing your emotions and refusing to let go. The Strong Within Us Book 2 will be the book you’ve been waiting for. 

She currently lives in Canada with her two teenaged sons and a crested gecko named Mossio. 

Follow her on TwitterInstagramYouTube and Reddit.


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