This Beautiful Love by Amanda Kaitlyn

Title: This Beautiful Love 
Author : Amanda Kaitlyn 
Genre: Romance 

Aria never imagined that she would be able to find true happiness and love after living the life she had. She’d felt heartbreak. She’d fallen and she’d feared and she’d hid from the hell her life became at one point. But she also fought. She bled. She grew stronger and she stood taller as the love of one man, the love of her life, stood beside her. His love had carried her through the worst of times and the best and she refused to let him go without a fight. 

Gavin Thomas was always the strong one. No matter what had happened in his life, he could rise above it and be stronger for the struggles he had faced. The second his beautiful wife, Aria Georgia Morgan, walked into his life, everything changed. He became her protector, her lover, her best friend and then, her husband. 

Two children, a thousand kisses and a decade later, the love that had sparked between them was as strong as ever and he thanked his lucky stars everyday because of it. 

But Gavin harbors a secret, one that he doesn’t know if he can shield Aria from. A secret that threatens to tear them apart, forever. 

Can he find the strength to confess his burden?

Can Aria & Gavin find a way through his deceit?

Is forever possible for them?

Find out what comes after Gavin & Aria’s happily ever after in This Beautiful Love. 

“I need to care for you tonight.” His fingers loosened the gathering of tension against my scalp and robbed me of all thoughts as he massaged me. God, it felt so good.
 “Gavin,” His name fell from my lips as I leaned my head back into his adoring touches, giving myself over to his caretaking. 
“To love you,” He murmured, his lips merely a breath from my ear, teasing me with their proximity. I felt my heart beating faster as my anticipation grew, hoping for what our night had in store. “I’m going to bathe you in this large bathtub you love so much.” A hot, open mouthed kiss landed against my earlobe and his lips trapped the skin there and gave a pull, enticing a whispered moan from me. 
God, the things this man does to me drive me crazy. But I love it. Every second because this is what he does to me. 
He loves me. Completely. Irrevocably. As if he couldn’t stop himself, even if he wanted to. 
“And then I’m going to take you to bed and make you filthy.”

Amanda Kaitlyn is an author of heart stopping, sweet romance. Finding Beautiful is her debut novel. She is a hopeless romantic at heart. Books by Kristen Proby, Kelly Elliott and Stephanie Meyer have influenced her writing. One thing that inspires her is music. Country, pop, rock, Amanda enjoys it all. As a young girl, she loved fairy tales. As she grew up she realized that these stories change. Love isn't always perfect and the fight of that love is what urges her to write the stories she does. Between the pages of her books you will find real, heartfelt romance, rugged emotion and lots of steam. Do you want to know more about Amanda Kaitlyn and her books? You can find her on social media and her author website.