The Afterworld: Spring Gluttony by Joanne Sexton

Title: The Afterworld: Spring Gluttony 
Author: Joanne Sexton 
Series: Sinful Seasons Collection: Book 2 
Genre: Erotic Romance 

The Afterworld – Spring Gluttony is an erotic, romantic love story.

When Lucy’s best friend Matty introduces her to a sex club called The Afterworld she quickly becomes entranced and addicted to the excitement. 

She does things she never thought she would do. Sex in public, sex with strangers and experimentation into a world she’s never ventured before.

What could go wrong when you’re having so much fun?

Gluttonous sex and addiction keeps her going back for more, even after losing her job, she can’t get enough of the club. 

But things fall apart, feelings become raw, love pushed to the side and Lucy thinks she will never feel the same way about Matty again. He’s changed, she’s changed. Will love be enough to repair the damage caused by The Afterworld?

Books in the Sinful Seasons Collection are all stand alone novelettes

Book 1 - Taming Toby - Available now
Book 2 - The Afterworld - Available for pre-order. Release date 6th of June
Book 3 - Cowboy Daze - Coming in July 

Joanne Sexton is an Australian romance writer and mother of two. Reading is her first passion after writing, then music, floristry and movies. Her children keep her busy but she always finds time for her passions. A writer and reader of romance.
Joanne previously wrote under the name Joanne Ellis. Rich Girl (formally known as Spoilt under Joanne Ellis) held the No. 1 position on an Amazon's Bestselling list in US and No.2 in the UK.